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AFL Membership Slogans 2013-2017

What do the clubs say they stand for?

Adelaide Crows
Flying away

Brisbane Lions
It's Alive!...Maybe

Carlton Blues
Swapping the silver spoons for the wooden spoons

Collingwood Magpies
Side-by-side in scandal

Essendon Bombers
The most hated of teams

Fremantle Dockers
Send in the clowns!

Geelong Cats
Good, even elite, until it really matters

Gold Coast Suns
Football or the beach? The beach it is!

Hawthorn Hawks
Not the coolest kid on the block

North Melbourne Kangaroos
From butchering shinbones to road kill

Melbourne Demons
Like Collingwood, they like white powder

Port Adelaide Power
Statistics matter and Port has 119 reasons not to forget history

Richmond Tigers
From eat'em alive to eat our own alive.

St Kilda Saints
Can't ever say Saints' fans are band wagoners

Sydney Swans
Blood is thicker than water

West Coast Eagles
The AFL equivalent of McDonalds

Western Bulldogs
On welfare and on the move

GWS Giants
A marketing disaster on a par with AFLX




Nth Queensland Cowboys
Nth Queensland Cowboys

Struggling cane farmers in a busted-arse town

The Nth Queensland Cowboys entered the comp in 1995 and decided that since Australia was becoming the 51st American state, they might as well copy the name of the Dallas Cowboys gridiron team rather than use an Australian term like"jackaroos."The Cowboy name disappointed the local community who had preferred ‘crocodiles'. Instead, it was the Townsville basketball team that used the crocodile name not long after.

Aside from choosing an unpopular name, on the field the team played as if their only desire in life was to relax next to the swimming pool. Consistent losses ensured that they were not shown on NSW television from 1996 to 2004. One of the few times that they made headlines was in 2001 when Tiger's winger John Hopoate stuck his finger up the anuses of three of the players. Following the experience, the three players had good reason to walk like Cowboys.

John Hopoate wanted to make sure that the Cowboys walked like cowboys

Even though the team has an American name and a history of failure, it has received phenomenal crowd support. This could be partly attributed to the high number of tourism workers in the local economy. Tourism workers are very positive people because they have to sell the idea of living life to the fullest and spending money on the intangible. In short, they do things.

North Queenslanders make an interesting contrast to the public servants of Canberra. As a public service community, the Canberra culture is one of bean-counters that complain about the need for a senate inquiry. Consequently, while Canberrans like to spend their money on a new computer, Nth Queenslanders like to feel the emotion of a football game.

In 2005, the club finally strung a few wins together and proved that their passionate supporter base made for a club with an interesting image. Sadly, the Sydney media's lack of imagination had them playing up the Cowboy's "doing it for a down and out community" angle. According to the Sydney media, Queensland's cane farmers, struggling with American restrictions on their cane, head off to the footy to find some rays of sunshine in their otherwise gloomy life. It was a similar angle to that Roy and HG used when they barracked for the Sydney Swans on the grounds Sydney was a "busted arse" town hurting under million dollar house prices.

Each to their own, but surely stories of doing it for the cowgirls would have held a newspaper over the man's lap for a far greater time period than that of a busted arse community - especially as Hopoate incident had ensured that the angle had already been well and truly played.


Roy Morgan research

2004 - When compared to other NRL supporters

  • 40% more likely than the average person to be earning less than $15,000 a year.
  • 18% more likely to say they are not very good with mechanical things;
  • 25% more likely than the average person to have a dog.

2006 - When compared to other NRL supporters

  • Made up of 82% Queenslanders
  • 32% more likely to think of the number of calories in the food they are eating
  • 31% more likely to try to buy additive free food
  • 20% more likely to often find TV advertising more entertaining than the programs 
  • 33% more likely to avoid staying at accommodation that does not have genuine environmental policies
  • 29% more likely to have played a game of pool / snooker / billiards in the last three months
  • 40% more likely to drive a Toyota


  • Matt Bowen - Half back with creative flair.


1) What do you call a Cowboys player with a twitch?
Beef jerky

2) Two blokes from Townsville died and instead of heaven they went to hell. In hell, the Devil himself wanted the two blokes to suffer, so he turned the temperature hotter than normal. Later the devil went to check on them and found they were'nt worried by the heat. The Devil asked, "Why are'nt you two hot?"

One of the blokes said, "We're from Townsville mate,we're used to heat".

So the Devil went off and thought to himself, "I can't have these 2 blokes not suffering", so he turned the heat up more and went and checked on them again, only to find them not phased at all.
The Devil was filthy that they were'nt suffering by now and thought, "If I turn the temperature to freezing these Townsville blokes won't be used to the cold" .So once hell was freezing, the Devil went to check on the 2 blokes, only to find them jumping,cheering and cooing out loud.
The devil asked why they were cheering when it is so cold and they were used to the heat.

The two blokes replied, "When hell freezes over, it means one thing,the Nth QLD Cowboys have won the NRL Premiership"




Brisbane Broncos

Canberra Raiders

Canterbury Bulldogs

Cronulla Sharks

Gold Coast Titans

Manly Sea Eagles

Melbourne Storm

Newcastle Knights

Nth Queensland Cowboys

New Zealand Warriors

Parramatta Eels

Penrith Panthers

South Sydney Rabbitohs

St George Dragons

Sydney City Roosters

Wests Tigers



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